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accountant using calculatorOur firm was established with the needs of middle-class business owners in mind. Since 2000, Sentry Tax and Accounting has been providing quality tax services to companies in Coventry, Warwick, East Greenwich, and the surrounding areas. We understand how difficult it can be to find tax assistance that combines timeliness and affordability. Our results-driven tax experts can tailor our services to any budget.

Handling the tax preparation for a business alone can be intimidating. Our enrolled agent and his team are eager to meet you and cater their tax offerings to fit your business perfectly.

We can serve you either in our office or virtually. Call us or stop by our location for your free consultation today!

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Our Remote, Customized Approach to Tax Preparation

Our unique business model means that we're able to provide you with in-person or virtual tax guidance and support. Some of our clients prefer the flexibility of conducting business electronically, as there is little paperwork involved. Whether you're away from the state on business or your office is being remodeled, we can provide you with uninterrupted services.

Whichever form you are required to fill out, you can expect personalized service from our dedicated staff of accountants. Our team will contact you throughout the year and inform you if anything changes about your business' tax profile. Whether you need help with tax forgiveness or filing an extension, our responsive team is here for you. Once tax season is over, we'll regularly communicate with you about your company's tax strategy for next year.

How We Help New Clients

Our Coventry tax preparation experts take the time to review your business top-down, including its previous tax returns. By compiling various information about your business' tax history and present situation, we can better target areas of improvement. Some of the more common mistakes to address are:

  • Misreporting income
  • Misclassifying employees
  • Over-claiming expenses
  • Not separating business and personal expenses

We want to create an engaging, communicative relationship with you. Our attentive and patient team is ready to answer your questions and troubleshoot your problems. From needing assistance setting up your QuickBooks® profile to looking up a tax filing deadline, we're prepared to walk you through your taxes step-by-step.

How We Help Returning Clients

businessman meeting with tax specialistWe place a company-wide emphasis on empowering our clients. Even though we fully take the burden of tax filing off your hands, you're still in the driver's seat. We can set you up with QuickBooks so that you can monitor your company's tax status and information any time of the year.

Our responsive firm is available for questions year-round. Whether you have a question about your itemized deductions or how a change in tax law will impact your company, we're here for you. Come November, we'll reach out to you to ensure that everything is squared away for the upcoming tax season.

Industries We Serve

Various businesses have tax considerations that are unique to their industry. It can be challenging to figure out what tax codes and laws do or do not apply to your company. Our skilled Coventry tax preparers can alter our services to fit the specific tax landscape surrounding your business.

We have experience assisting a multitude of industries and fields, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Salons & Barbershops
  • General Contractors

Our enrolled agent and his team are at the forefront of tax developments and can provide valuable insight into your industry.

Business Owner FAQs

Oftentimes, business owners must troubleshoot tax-related questions about their company on their own. At {company name}, we can answer any question you may have in easy-to-understand terms. Here are some commonly asked questions.

Which business expenses can I claim as a deduction?

Deductions depend on the nature of your business and can change from year to year. The expense needs to be both ordinary to your business and necessary for its operations. Our tax team will take a detailed look at your past tax returns to get a sense of where potential deductions can be found.

Business expenses are the cost of your business' day-to-day operations. Personal expenses include things like medical bills and mortgage payments. You must know which category your expenses fall into, as improper reporting can lead to increased liabilities. Our tax preparation experts in Coventry can help you sort your expenses.

In the United States, tax season typically begins on January 1 and ends on April 15. Exceptions to this rule can happen if the filing deadline falls on a holiday. We can provide you with real-time tax season changes that may have an impact on your business.

Your Coventry Tax Preparation Team

At Sentry Tax and Accounting, we provide both virtual and in-person tax preparation for business owners. Our office is accessible to the communities of Coventry, Warwick, and East Greenwich from I-95. Call us to schedule your free consultation today!

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